Which Hosting OS do you need? Linux or Windows?

When we are about to start developing a website for our company, we find a problem as the other web developer before us. What kind of server should we use? Is it linux or windows hosting? How to search a company that will provide you one of them, or even both operating systems. What are the requirements to choose them? Are they just the same, or do they have any difference?
Linux and Windows have their own advantages and disadvantages. You should choose one of them depend on the need of your future website. It depends on many factors. How is your budget plan? Which one is more familiar for you to manage? And what kind of script that you will install in your future website?
Why Linux Hosting?
Linux is an open source operating system that is freely distributed and developed without any financial charges (unless is you hire a technician to install and develop it) but you don’t have to buy the operating system. It’s completely free and available through out the world wide web freely. There are many script and software for linux that can be downloaded freely on the internet for the need of your website. Most of today’s website runs PHP on the server. This script runs well on linux server. It also run on windows server, but will have the better result when run on linux. However Microsoft applications are not compatible with this operating system. There are some feature that you will not get when you use linux.
Why Windows Hosting?
One of the advantages of windows OS is that it can run ASP scrip language which will not be able to be run on linux. A plan on using ASP means that you have to use windows server. There many Microsoft application that can be run in this server. like linux, windows also have database. Microsoft windows interface very common in computer world, therefore it’s easier for you to use and manage it.
In the end, your choice will depend on your need based on the design, purpose and budget that you have. Therefore, budget should not be the main factor in deciding which OS that you need. It should always be your main goal that will influence your decision in choosing the right server platform. But don’t worry, there are many good companies that will help you choosing the right platform and script for your website, they will assist you when you tell them for what purpose is your website. Instead of just asking to one company, you can always choose to ask it to as many company as you like, to compare all the feature and price.
The other way is by visiting some web hosting reviews sites or directory, that gives a clear description on many hosting companies. Usually they make a top ten rank

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