When will you need a Dedicated Server?

When you feel that your website run slower than before, when you feel that your traffic is highly increasing, well, I think it’s time for you to think about a dedicated server. Because your previous hosting space, now is no longer able to handle the traffic or the space needed, or in short the high load of your website. Dedicated server is a server dedicated to one client, Devoted to client with a high load website. There are many advantaged in using dedicated server for your website.
When you have your own dedicated server, these problems would be reduced or eliminated:
– server overload due to server busy
– another shared account slowing down your site
-security breeches
-slow website
-other technical problem
What will you get from a dedicated server? Speed? Yes indeed. Your website will be fast to load. There will be no other problem issued caused by server sharing. No other website will interfere yours. For those who are in an e-commerce business, loading speed is a big issue. Your website performance will be drastically affected by speed. As the search engine now start to use loading speed as their parameter to rank a website, speed will be very helpful for your website to increase your page rank within search engine.
Why do people what to shop online? One of the reasons is to save time. When they cometo your online store and find out that your website run very slowly, they won’t wait any longer. They will move to your competitor site. Dedicated Miva Merchhan Hosting, a dedicated server provider that will give you all that you need in dedicated server for e-commerce, customizable e-commerce, shopping cart, speed, and a full 24/7 technical support. What else that you need? You have everything.
Dedicated server comes with a great flexibility on it’s configuration for some sites that have some special requirements that cannot be fulfilled by shared hosting server. For instance when a site needs a special hardware, in which it is in a shared hosting. The entire server should be shut down, thus it will affect on all the website inside the server. They are all will be offline for sometime. It won’t happen when you go dedicated. Your site will be fully customizable.
In business, focus is very important. When you still think about the reliability of your website, you will not be able to focus on your business. But when you have dedicated server with a full support, you will be able to focus on your business. Yes it is more expensive therefore, you have safe time and effort in managing your server, and your business is the only focus you are in.
Managed dedicated server gives you all the advantages of a server. The provider takes care of everything, maintenance, security, updates, repair etc. You will only be focus on growing your business.

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