Web Site Design and Traffics

When we are talking about running a web site we can’t ignore these two aspects, your web site design or looks and your website traffics. Your site design is your company represent in this online world, if your website looks professional people will have a warm feeling when arriving at your site. If your design is poor it will be hard for you to convince your visitor to trust your company, and don’t expect to get any business from them. Your visitors don’t know you or your company and you need to impress them at the moment they arrive on your website.

Traffic, on the other hand, is your online business lifeblood. Without traffics, your website is like a house in the middle of nowhere and no one knows that your website exists. No matter how great your web design is, if no one visits your site, it’s just like having an empty palace.

You need visitors that will read your website, read your company profiles, doing business with you, or buy anything you offer. In laymen terms, no traffics means no business.

One of the best web site traffics sources is search engine such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. To be able to get traffics from those search engines you have to get your site ranks on those search engines for your targeted keyword. And to be able to get the ranking, you have to understand how to do SEO or have someone else to do the SEO campaign for you. SEO means search engine optimization, it’s a term to describe our effort to optimize our website so it rank high on search engine.

If you want to do the seo campaign yourself, you need to ensure your website designed properly so it is search engine friendly, fill it with useful and interesting contents, and also do your link building campaign. I have to say that doing seo yourself is not an easy task especially if you are not really experienced on this field. There are many factors you have to understand and it will need some times to see the result, if any. If you don’t have the experiences, maybe it will be better for your and your site if you have the expert to do the SEO for you.

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