Unlimited Bandwidth Web Hosting Facts

In web hosting service there must be some plan offered to the customers. Two most important elements in webhosting are disk space, is the space to where you put your file, and bandwidth, the amount of data transferred allowed in your website, Means the amount and quantity of the web page viewed by users in their browser, or data downloaded by users. Multimedia and webpage consume your bandwidth capacity. You must pay for both disk space and bandwidth.

When we have a pipe filled with water, the amount of water that flow through is limited depend on the capacity of the pipe. As well as water pipe, network line such as optic fiber, coaxial cable, etc, also have the maximum capacity in carrying your data across the network line. The amount of data being transferred through the line is limited to certain amount. Disk space also has limited amount to save our data for the web.

You must have heard that many hosting provider offer unlimited plan for the disk usage and bandwidth for you web page. But is it true? As you have known before, both of them is not something that can be unlimited. Yet they are very limited. Therefore before you go with an unlimited plan, you need to know the truth about both of them.

Bandwidth and disk space, everywhere in the world is always limited. So what many website providers offer on the “unlimited” bandwidth and disk space is impossible. Don’t be fooled, It’s always limited.

Most of online websites only take a very small part of disk space and bandwidth, unlimited plan than being offered by the web hosting company. Unlimited is just a marketing strategy to make the business larger.

Yet, even the unlimited plan offer seems to be very tricky, the web hosting that offer that plan still give you a good service, at least most of them do. You should carefully read the term and condition of the web hosting provider before you decide what plan you will take. Usually you will find what is the meaning of their “unlimited”.

Well, after knowing the fact above, now what is your plan for your website? When you want to build a light website, that will not take a lot of bandwidth and disk space, an unlimited offer could be considered. Since most of unlimited plan offered by many web hosting provider will apply some restriction like no multimedia download. Multimedia download, i.e. video and audio, consume a huge bandwidth and disk space.

It will make the server become unstable and the web hosting company has to add more bandwidth and disk space since it will easily run out. Which mean, they have more expenses on that need. In conclusion, when you will only build a light website, an unlimited web hosting will be okay, and you will not face many problems in running your website.

On the opposite, when will an unlimited plan is not okay? Of course when you plan to build a heavy website, a website with a lot of multimedia content, audio, video, and other downloads. Soon your web hosting provider will suspense your hosting account because of that or even ask you for more money for their service.

A little bit confusing? Then what’s the best step to be taken when you are about to make your website online? Okay, I will explain to you. First you, of course, must have a plan, a good plan to build a website. Calculate your need of bandwidth and disk space you need for the first time you build your website. Then multiply the result by two. You don’t have to worry about running out of disk space and bandwidth, because you can always expand.

The web hosting provider gives you the right to upgrade your account to a bigger disk space and bandwidth allocation, with few more money. You can take an unlimited bandwidth and disc space offer, only when you are to build a light website. But if you want to build a big website that needs large amount of disc space and bandwidth, choose the limited one.

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