Shared Web Hosting – Things You Need to Know

Shared hosting is when multiple website, could be hundreds, installed in the same server. So that all the website share space, bandwidth and other facilities in the same server. It is possible because not all the website use much space and bandwidth. Usually they are personal website, or small business or other website that needs only small space and bandwidth.

By sharing space and bandwidth there are many advantages in using shared hosting. They are:

– Cheap. Usually shared hosting is cheap. Could be as low as $2 a month. Very cheap isn’t it?

– Pre-installed software. Shared hosting usually comes with some pre-installed software such as fantastic, software that will make you easily install many website system, firewall and so on. The hosting provider has manage the server as secure as possible, so that we do not have to spend more money and time to look at the server security. Despite the fact that we cannot make the server as secure as we want it.
In short words, some basic needs in building website has already provided by the provider.

– Easy. Shared hosting is easy. It means  that you do not have to know many knowledge how to manage server. Some person has been put to a responsibility to manage it by the web hosting provider. The knowledge you need is only some basic knowledge about building website, whether using CMS or static website.

Shared website is fit for those who want to build small website with not too high load, without download and other high load service. When you put a high loaded website, the web hosting provider will ask you to leave. Some web hosting provider provides unlimited service for you. That service is actually not unlimited. They just assume that not all the server user use their maximum capabilities, so that they can share with other user.

When there are some advantaged, there must be some disadvantages for this service. They are:

– No permission to install. We cannot install as many software as we like in this server. We just use what is provided. Or in some case we can ask the web hosting provider to install it for us and of course we have to pay for that.

– Not secure. Since there are many website in the same server and the hard disk space is shared, the security is pretty low. There is possibility that other user will get our data. We also cannot ask for more security from user attack.

– Limited. When we use to much space and bandwidth, they will kick you out of their server. Beside, you can only build small website. Or maximum medium one.

So, it is ours to choose which kind of hosting that we need. It depends on our website load. Small website such as personal website, and other small business one, may use this kind or service. But when you have a high loaded website where the people able to download from your server you will need a bigger plan.

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