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Web Hosting Services with IPower.com

Ipower has been providing web hosting services since 2001 and currently hosts more than 700,000 sites. Ipower web hosting plans start off at just $3.99 per month for 24 months contract. These plans boast access to over 200 tools and services, making them a competitor worth checking in to.

They offer a range of hosting services that I am sure will be able to accommodate all the needs of the customers. From simple shared hosting, wordpress specialized hosting, VPS to high end dedicated hosting plan.

Price starts from $3.99/moth for their lowest shared hosting to $190/month for their highest dedicated plan. You can buy a plan with just 5GB space to unlimited space and bandwidth. Basically, it is really easy to find the appropriate hosting plan that fits your needs, given you know what your website needs.

Email accounts are included in every plan and come complete with forwarding capabilities, auto responder, and spam filtering. Those with little HTML knowledge will benefit from Ipower’s various web creator options which are designed to simplify the design process. Web creator demos are available at www.Ipower.com. Web hosting plans offer CGI-BIN, PERL, Frontpage, and PHP 4 and 5 support.

Ecommerce features like Paypal, osCommerce, and Agora shopping cart integration are available for those who are selling online. With a plan purchase, Ipower Web hosting will provide you with valuable marketing guides and strategies, and marketing credits with Yahoo and Google Adwords. Customers can view real-time statistics of their sites with their graphical web statistic program. Plugins allow you to easily add bulletin boards, chat, or blogging to your website.

Ipower performs regular backups to ensure your data is never lost. They also run off of a backup generator, so even if the power fails your website does not.

This web hosting provider also offers a web concierge program for a monthly fee which allows you expedited one time with a highly knowledgeable staff member. However, even without the concierge program they can be reached 24/7 via phone or through live chat on their website www.Ipower.com.

You will also get free ads marketing bonus to advertise your website and service at Google and Bing. You will get $100 free Adwords credit and $100 Bing advertising credit. Many people don’t realize the power of this bonus. It can be used to kick start your business to start rolling and making profit right from the start without spending a dime to promote.

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