High Loaded Website Needs Dedicated Server

One day, my website suddenly cannot be accessed by my user. It says account suspended. It was a big shock for me. My website was a cultural website where people can download many cultural contents from my island. My first step was complaining to the hosting provider but what did they say? They say my website is disturbing other site in the same server.
Oh My God, I can’t believe that. The first time I choose that hosting provider is that they provide unlimited bandwidth and space which is very tempting for a newbie like me.
But I was wrong, it just a marketing trick to get as many customer as they can. The space and bandwidth are not actually unlimited. They assume that not all the website will use their maximum bandwidth and space, so they create term unlimited service. But when they think you user too much, as I did, they will kick you out from their server.
Well. So what should we do when that happens?
I was pretty confused by that time then I realize that all I need is my own server. So I started to look for a dedicated server service, where the whole server is mine and I can do whatever I want with the server without having possibilities to distract other website.
A dedicated server comes with dozen of good things such as high reliability, stable, fully controlled by us and so on. Therefore it those good things also come with higher price too. but don’t worry because it is nature that good things come with good price too.
When we choose dedicated server, we have to make sure that we have the capability to handle this server. Or we can hire people to manage the server. Easy isn’t it? All we have to do is providing the budget for it. Well, it won’t be a problem for many people since a website with dedicated server usually is a professional website which will give a good feedback to the person or company who owe this website.
Okay, let me start over again.
We need dedicated server when we have high loaded website.
A new problem occurs. Can you see it?
How to choose a good dedicated server then?
Well, it is quite easy. The key is that the provider has at least 99.9% uptime so that the website will be visible all the time and never meet a down time. The other is, they have full support 24/7. A good dedicated server provider usually provides telephone support instead of just email ticket and chat. This facility will make you feel comfortable since whenever you have the problem you can always call and ask for their help. But once again, remember that it will cost more than just an ordinary dedicated server provider.
In the end I can conclude that you should not be tempted by cheap hosting provider when you try to make a professional high loaded website. You should be able to think to spent more money to get better feedback.

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